The Johnson Group Manager JANE REDDIEX recently spoke to the NZ Herald about how contractors have moved into permanent or fixed-term roles as work slows and cuts to the public service loom…

Giving generalised answers: It is important to be specific in answering questions about your behaviour. Examples you give should be concrete examples from the past. Using ‘we’ rather than ‘I’: When you say “we” it can cause uncertainty about your role in the situation you’re describing. When you say “I”, it seems more authentic and the interviewer […]

Competencies-based (also called ‘behavioural event’) interviews are based on the idea that past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour. Generalised or hypothetical answers are not suitable! Competency-based interviews are often used in government interviews, so we recommend that your answers take the STAR format. S-Situation: Set the scene. You need to describe the wider context […]

For most contracting positions, an agency acts as intermediary between the contractor and the client organisation, to match the contractor to the job and to simplify administration. There is an increasing trend at all levels and in all walks of business to use contracts. This means that contracting is now an accepted way for organisations […]

As long as your timesheets have been submitted weekly you will be paid fortnightly. The Johnson Group will send you a payment advice with your hours and hourly rate plus GST. Please send us a copy of your bank account details and GST number in order to get everything set up for your first payment. […]

The recruitment process is one that is made up on a number of team members and the most successful teams are undoubtedly the ones who work together the best, moving quickly and efficiently through the process to get the job done. Just think about your favourite sports team, and you will know what we mean. […]

Being the only specialist public sector recruitment firm, we have the privilege to be the eyes and ears of our candidates and our clients all the time. Drawing on this market knowledge, starting today, we will publish a series of articles that will help you to prepare yourself better for your policy interviews. After all, you […]

There are a few things you can do before your government job interview to ensure that things go smoothly. Preparing ahead of time will also mean you’ll enter the job interview feeling much calmer and confident. Review your resume The first thing to do is to review your resume. It is an outline of your […]

In today’s world where change is the only constant, even permanent employees can no longer entrust their career interests to management or the HR Department. At the end of the day you are the one who must look after your career interests, as indeed you would no matter where you worked. You must decide how […]

Sometimes we make the job of finding you a great contractor look easy; maybe even just a matter of fortunate timing. So, just what is it we do to make it look so easy?   Our talent pool of contractors has been built up over the past 10 years with some of these relationships going back […]