The Johnson Group Manager JANE REDDIEX recently spoke to the NZ Herald about how contractors have moved into permanent or fixed-term roles as work slows and cuts to the public service loom…

For most contracting positions, an agency acts as intermediary between the contractor and the client organisation, to match the contractor to the job and to simplify administration. There is an increasing trend at all levels and in all walks of business to use contracts. This means that contracting is now an accepted way for organisations […]

As long as your timesheets have been submitted weekly you will be paid fortnightly. The Johnson Group will send you a payment advice with your hours and hourly rate plus GST. Please send us a copy of your bank account details and GST number in order to get everything set up for your first payment. […]

In today’s world where change is the only constant, even permanent employees can no longer entrust their career interests to management or the HR Department. At the end of the day you are the one who must look after your career interests, as indeed you would no matter where you worked. You must decide how […]

At one time or another, all contractors ask the same question: “What does my agency do to earn its cut of my pay?” (Sometimes the question is not put so politely!) The Johnson Group does not take a cut of your pay. The Johnson Group pays you, and charges the client a management fee for […]

Over the years, we’ve worked with many professional contractors. Most have been successful and happy. Here are some tips for a successful career in contracting: Bonus tip: Don’t sign anything you don’t understand. Contracts are legally binding and you should know what your commitments are. For more great tips, check out the Business Govt Website.