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Why do contractors need a recruitment agency?

At one time or another, all contractors ask the same question: “What does my agency do to earn its cut of my pay?” (Sometimes the question is not put so politely!)

The Johnson Group does not take a cut of your pay. The Johnson Group pays you, and charges the client a management fee for the services The Johnson Group provides. We will be quite open with you about how the dollar is split between you, TJG, and the government.

So what are the other benefits of working with us?

We know where the jobs are. We know who is hiring and what they need.

We know what skills are in demand—now, and in the future. We can match your skills to the smart places and projects.

We have established relationships with clients. Credibility is an important factor in the contracting business in the business. The client may not know you from a bar of soap—but they will consider you if an agency recommends you. Often, the client’s policy is to hire through an agency, even if you approach them personally.

We get paid, and pay you promptly. Most clients are honourable and trustworthy business partners. But they don’t like to deal with lots of small transactions. We only need your timesheet—that means you don’t have the hassle of creating invoices.

Most importantly, we provide continuity.