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6 tips for getting the most out of your recruiter

The recruitment process is one that is made up on a number of team members and the most successful teams are undoubtedly the ones who work together the best, moving quickly and efficiently through the process to get the job done. Just think about your favourite sports team, and you will know what we mean.

The primary members of team recruitment are always:

  1. The hiring manager
  2. The recruiter
  3. The candidate

If any of these team members fail to meet the expectations of the others the process may start to show signs of break down which may lead to frustration for all involved. This can become costly both in time and money and if you’re a sports team cups, sheilds and medals.

Below is a list we have specially developed for hiring managers to get the most out of their relationship with recruiters and candidates.

1) Let us know as soon as the position has become open and has been approved. That way we can meet with you, clearly understand the role and what you are looking for in a candidate and source these candidates for you.

2) Respond to resumes quickly. Good candidates may have multiple opportunities in front of them and you might miss your chance to get them in your organisation if you do not promptly decide you would like to meet them.

3) Ensure your interviewing team are prepared. They should have an understanding of the role and will have read the job description and candidates CV prior to the interview. They should have time to discuss the candidate with you after the interview and assist you in making your decision.

4) Provide us with your thoughts and ideas after the interview and we can decide on the next step of the process together. This is when the candidate is often feeling the most vulnerable and I need to assist them managing this phase.

5) Offer constructive feedback about the candidate if you choose not to progress with them. That way we can share this with them for their next job application.

6) Leave the offer to us. We have a lot of experience extending offers and have learnt how to manage expectations and create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.