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As recruitment consultants, we’re regularly asked questions about working in New Zealand’s public sector—everything from what to expect in a government job interview, to what the ‘senior’ in senior policy analyst really means.

To help out job seekers, contractors, and clients alike, we’ve put together a selection of resources from people in the know, including answers to common questions about working in the public sector, what it means to be a contractor and how to choose a recruiter.

The thing we are most often asked is How to Tell the Story of My Career?  This article talks you through the key factors when creating a resume or CV.  The next question we are asked is How should I format my CV?  If you are looking for contracting opportunity here is a Contracting CV template that we know works.  Job seekers looking for permanent work can get a CV template here

Sometimes we are asked for the names of people who can provide career coaching.  Here are some details from Career Management Coaches that are known to us and who may be able to help.  

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