Employer Testimonials

“The programme has been a success for DOC, with one existing staff member completing the programme several years ago , and recently a new staff member coming from the programme into our SAP team on a fixed terms. Both staff members have fitted in well to existing teams and now are integral to our delivery. 
I  would encourage potential employers to view the course as an excellent means to see the diversity of skills that these people bring to New Zealand. Those coming from countries that have rapidly expanding ICT workforces ,offered strong skills for us in Business Analysis, Testing and development. Skills that were in demand across all government agencies and which we always had a need. I am hoping that both our employees from the programme have strong and successful careers with DOC, as they have definitely added to our workforce in many ways.”

Simon Strombom, Manager of the Enterprise Service and Systems team at DOC

 “The Skilled Migrant Programme is a wonderful way to give skilled migrants the chance to gain valued job experience and experience the culture in a New Zealand work environment. It is also a chance for my staff to mentor, train and guide someone who is need of our support.The programme is well run and I enjoy working with all of the staff from The Johnson Group and Victoria University. It is particularly lovely to be invited to the graduate ceremony and be recognised for the work you have done to help the skilled migrants. Those that have come to work for the EPA are very grateful for the opportunity given to them and now all have jobs. I would recommend to anyone to get involved and give someone that much needed experience.”

Diana Miller, Environmental Protection Agency, Financial Systems Accountant

“The Skilled Migrant Programme was great for the Family Services Team at the Ministry of Social Development. As well as having a distinct piece of work completed to a high standard, the team benefited from another perspective and having someone from outside the organisation experience our team provided us with a good ‘mirror’. We are keen to engage with the programme in the future and would recommend it to employers as an opportunity to support the development of New Zealand’s workforce while enjoying direct and tangible business benefits.”

Paul Arts, Ministry of Social Development, Team Leader Family Services