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What do managers and team leaders do?

Managers and team leaders are ‘the glue that binds a policy team together’—they manage policy groups and other analysts. The number of staff a manager or team leader will lead depends on the size of the government department and the team’s structure—it can mean anything from two to 20 people.

Day-to-day, managers and team leaders are responsible for budgets, staffing, human resources and project management of the work programme. It’s the managers who ensure that not only do staff deliver their projects and reports on time, but that they have all the resources and plans in place to achieve the organisation’s goals. They also look after the health and well-being of their staff.

Managers must have great communication and relationship skills, as they have to balance both the needs of internal and external stakeholders with the needs of their staff. The most capable display excellent leadership qualities.

Many government departments and ministries are only interested in employing managers and team leaders who have prior experience working in government. However, managers with relevant commercial experience and transferable skills can also find positions in government.