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8 Awesome Reasons To Go Exclusive

  1. Working exclusively means just one contact for you to to work with and one agency to brief. This means the recruiter can gain a more in-depth understanding of the role and can therefore find the best match for your vacancy.
  2. Exclusive vacancies get the full commitment and attention of the recruiter and as only one agency is working on the role, ensuring a level of confidentiality about the role.
  3. Success in filling the vacancy is placed in the hands of the recruiter, letting you get on with doing what you do best.
  4. Exclusive roles are less like a sprint and more like a marathon – the focus moves from speed to quality, ensuring you get to see the best candidates, not just the ones that we can contact first.
  5. Having the full attention of the recruiter who has time to utilise all their recruiting resources means you will receive a short list of candidates who have been selected after a thorough search of not only our talent pool but also our external networks, social media and communities. The recruiter is also able to better engage with passive candidates and international candidates who can bring a diverse range of skills.
  6. With more time to focus on quality, the exclusive recruiter can do a thorough screening of candidates to fully understand their skills, experience and attitude as well as their availability and salary expectations.
  7. Working with one recruiter means you only receive one short list to review, and you never get the same talent referred to you by multiple agencies.
  8. At The Johnson Group we have a 98% success rate of placing the right candidate in your role when we work with you exclusively.