Employer Testimonials

Allen + Clarke’s participation in the skilled migrant programme has been a great experience. It is a genuine ‘two- way’ programme.  Participants get experience within New Zealand workplaces, can contribute in meaningful ways, and are provided the opportunity to showcase their skills and enhance their CVs.  In return, our people got to interact, work with, mentor and learn from people from different life and professional backgrounds. The people who have been placed with us have been well matched to our values and the type of work we do. They have been committed, enthusiastic, competent, and great team players, who have made a genuine contribution on a number of our projects. We encourage other organisations to consider supporting the programme – it’s a great way to support the ongoing evolution of New Zealand’s diverse workforce.   ”


~Mathew Allen, Managing Partner (New Zealand), Allen + Clarke   



“The Skilled Migrant Programme is a fantastic initiative that BDO was proud to take part in. It gave BDO the opportunity to provide a candidate with valuable professional experience and exposure to workplace culture in New Zealand. It gave our team members an opportunity to mentor someone and help develop their own coaching skills. The programme is organised and well run, making it a very easy process for employers to take part in. The Johnson Group and Victoria University should be proud of what they have created with this initiative.”


~Michelle Donnelly, People & Performance Adviser, BDO Wellington




 “The Skilled Migrant Programme is a wonderful way to give skilled migrants the chance to gain valued job experience and experience the culture in a New Zealand work environment. It is also a chance for my staff to mentor, train and guide someone who is need of our support.The programme is well run and I enjoy working with all of the staff from The Johnson Group and Victoria University. It is particularly lovely to be invited to the graduate ceremony and be recognised for the work you have done to help the skilled migrants. Those that have come to work for the EPA are very grateful for the opportunity given to them and now all have jobs. I would recommend to anyone to get involved and give someone that much needed experience.”


~Diana Miller, Environmental Protection Agency, Financial Systems Accountant