Skilled Migrant Programme




The Johnson Group is one of three partners involved with the innovative and extremely successful Skilled Migrant Programme, run by Victoria University.

Working closely with Victoria University and the Rotary Club of Wellington, we help skilled migrants who are unemployed – or underemployed – find their feet in the New Zealand job market.

This 12-week programme aims to help participants develop the communication skills and gain the workplace experience they need to find jobs that reflect their qualifications.

There are two intakes each year.

*Course participants are selected by Victoria University in partnership with the English Language Institute. More information about the course specifications and criteria for eligibility can be found here




The Johnson Group has been involved with the programme since 2007. 

Our role is to coordinate the internship element of the programme, which includes interviewing and placing participants in six-week internships, which allow them to gain vital workplace experience. 

Our involvement is highly satisfying, with approximately 80% of participants going onto permanent employment; often with the organisations in which they complete their internships with.

Being involved in the Skilled Migrant Programme is very important to us. As recruiters, The Johnson Group is aware of the labour issues surrounding New Zealand’s workforce. Skilled migrants are an important part of addressing skill shortages, both presently and in the future.

Learn more about the experiences of both skilled migrants and employers; and hear about the benefits gained by everyone involved.   


If you would like to be involved in this meaningful initiative, or would like more information, please contact Michelle Thomas on (04) 909-7384  or email