Cover Letters

Here at The Johnson Group we see a number of professionals join our talent pool every week. Their applications, like the people themselves, come in all different shapes and sizes, some with a lot of information and others with less. One thing we have noticed more and more recently is the number of applications that don’t have a cover letter attached.

cover letters

Hiring from Outside the Box

I well remember the young business analyst with strong commercial experience that I interviewed 10 years ago about a position in the Department of Child, Youth and Family. His understanding prior to our conversation was that the entire organisation consisted solely of people dealing with the really hard challenges on the front line. He had little understanding of the variety of roles that assist a government agency to function.Only after a conversation that centred on his motives, drivers and ...

public sector

Youth Charter Launched by the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association)

A most exciting new initiative was launched by the Hon. Paula Bennett MP at the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) conference held in Queenstown on 28th August - the Youth Jobs Charter. Under the charter, recruitment companies across Australasia pledge to work with youth to educate them on the job market; and to support the creation of employment opportunities by working with employers and youth. The recruitment industry believes that collectively it has the resources to ...

For All Policy Analysts - What are Hiring Managers Telling Us?

Being the only specialist public sector recruitment firm, we have the privilege to be the eyes and ears of our candidates and our clients all the time. Drawing on this market knowledge, starting today, we will publish a series of articles that will help you to prepare yourself better for your policy interviews. After all, you can never be over prepared!