The Public Sector: 2018 in Review

Have you been too focused on the upcoming few weeks off filled with barbeques to recall what’s gone on this year? Here’s a quick recap of the big issues in public sector this year.

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Wellbeing Framework – What is it? Who owns it? How does it affect me?

Wellbeing Framework – What is it? Who owns it? How does it affect me? Everyone wants it and everyone wants someone who can lead it. 

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Wellbeing Framework

Diversity: What is it and why is everyone talking about it?

Saying you want diversity within your team is all well and good but when it comes down to it, what does that actually mean and is our public sector really that diverse?

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Workforce Diversity

Policy Buzz: State Sector and Crown Entities Reform Bill - Is the Wheel Being Reinvented?

State Sector and Crown Entities Reform Bill - Is it lip service or good service? Is the wheel being reinvented? Sure, it makes a lot of sense for agencies to collaborate and work toward shared policy goals, but how easy is it really in this current frame work? And do you think this Reform Bill will make any difference?

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Lifting the Public Servant Cap and Its Effects on Wellington Contractors

Contractors in Wellington have begun to ask questions as to how this change will affect their opportunities. Find out what our Associate Director and Contracting Specialist Heather Haines thinks. 

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Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market: What Hiring Managers Need to Know

In a tight market, filling a vacancy is almost never easy. Here are 5 critical points every hiring manager needs to know when hiring in a candidate driven market. 

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Hiring Process

5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements affords employees the opportunity to create a work schedule that may differ from the traditional work week; and as we find ourselves moving deeper into the age of digitisation, realising a remote workforce - or at the very least, a workforce afforded such flexibilities - becomes considerably easier. Here are the top 5 Reasons employers should consider flexible working arrangements.

Flexible Working Arrangements
Remote Work
Work-life Balance

Why being a specialist recruiter is the ‘bee’s knees’

With more than 10 years as a specialist public sector recruiter, The Johnson Group has an unmatched ability to recruit the very best public-sector professionals. This is no accident, as we have always had a deliberate strategy to focus on the public sector. This profoundly influences how we work with our candidates and how we choose and work with our recruitment consultants.