The Current Landscape of Recruitment

It has been a busy start to the year, with a mixture of contract, fixed-term, and permanent vacancies coming through from a number of areas. 

Hourly rate contracting has picked up, but pressures on agencies have meant a preference for fixed-term engagement and a shorter term for hourly rate roles. However, as people return from their summer breaks, and we get more clarity on the direction the government wants to take, we’d expect this trend to change. 

As Labour moves into its second term, this government has an opportunity to hit the ground running and move forward with some major policy reforms; with key areas of note including Housing, Infrastructure, Labour market reform, Climate Change and RMA reform, to name a few. 

The next six months will be key to creating the momentum required for successful delivery on some of these projects over the coming term, which should result in a busier contracting market.

As for the rise in permanent roles, we have seen an increasing use of recruitment agencies as the market’s pool of candidates becomes diluted between a greater volume of jobs. Once again, we find that the key motivations for candidates continue to be the manager they will work for, the type of work, and a competitive salary.

If you are a hiring manager, now is a great time to look at your options, set priorities and plan appropriately for what your recruitment needs might look like for 2021.

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Clive Horne - Principal Consultant, MRCSA (Permanent Recruitment)
James Atkin - Principal Consultant, MRCSA (Contract Recruitment)


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