5 Tips on How to Create a Catching LinkedIn Profile

Since its conception, LinkedIn has become one of platforms most used by recruiters and hiring mangers when it comes to recruitment. With over 250+ million users globally, it is a goldmine for searching for both active and passive talent. 

It’s important to take full advantage of all the features and how it help progress your career. 


Here are 5 tips on how to create a catching LinkedIn profile:


1- Choose a professional profile photo

While some may think this goes without saying, you’ll be surprised how many photos we see of people using cropped holiday images or similar. Take the time to find a headshot that is recent—not too serious and not too animated either. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo—but it does have to look professional. 


2- Use the summary portion

So many users tend to leave the summary portion of their profile blank. Filling this in allows you to tell a story, no matter how short. Use it as a chance to tell your profile visitors what you do. Clearly state what you do and if you are available for opportunities. You never know who might be looking. 


3- Complete your profile

Instead of just listing where you worked and what you did five years ago, why not include some relevant information on your background and experience? Fill in your career history and background. It’s an excellent way for hiring managers and recruiters to get a bird's-eye view of what you’ve been up to. You want to give them something to want to keep you on their list of potential candidates.


4- List your skills

So, you have a profile—now what? Don’t just set and forget. Fill it in. What are your top skills? Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet. Listing your skills could mean the difference between popping up on a search or not. Do make sure that your skills are current, though. There’s no point in putting something that is no longer relevant to your career or current in today’s workforce. 


5- Request recommendations

Having recommendations on your profile gives your LinkedIn visitors important clues of what your employers and colleagues, past and present, value in you. These personal testimonials highlight what it’s like to work with you. So, who did you enjoy working with? Was there a manager you worked for that you feel valued your work? Send them a personal request. You’ll be surprised when you read people have to say about you.

Bonus Tip: 

LinkedIn isn’t just about linking with people. It’s about growing your network and connect with like-minded people. 

Did you know that you can sync your LinkedIn profile with your email address book? Doing this allows LinkedIn to make suggestions on relevant people you could connect with. 

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