Why being a specialist recruiter is the ‘bee’s knees’

With more than 10 years as a specialist public sector recruiter, The Johnson Group has an unmatched ability to recruit the very best public-sector professionals. This is no accident, as we have always had a deliberate strategy to focus on the public sector. This profoundly influences how we work with our candidates and how we choose and work with our recruitment consultants.
The decision to focus only on the public sector – specifically in public sector management and public policy - has always been ethics-driven. It stems from wanting to build capability in the Public Sector as a means to positively change the lives of New Zealanders. Consequently, we represent our client organisations to our candidates in a way that builds understanding and helps with any engagement, and we have followed and enabled the careers of many individuals.
For us, our real measure of quality is the candidate. This means that we have a very candidate-centric model of recruitment and we have consultants who only work with candidates. We only deal with candidates that want to advance a public sector career, and we continually validate applicants before they are accepted into our talent pool. More importantly, we have a sustained and proactive approach to candidate attraction. As a consequence, we always have the best job-ready candidates available when the latest job comes in.
The public sector is a very highly-skilled market and Wellington itself is a small market. In combination, this means that organisations need to work with recruitment consultants who are smart and public-sector savvy. Our approach to this, while also delivering on our ethos of helping to build public-sector capability, is to only work with the best, and to find experienced recruiters who share our values and our passion. This includes our international consultants who bring such diversity to our business.
So, why we believe that being a specialist recruiter is the ‘bee’s knees’ comes down to: we are passionate about our work, we operate from a position of strength in the market, and our competitors cannot replicate our value proposition.