Hiring from Outside the Box

I well remember the young business analyst with strong commercial experience that I interviewed 10 years ago about a position in the Department of Child, Youth and Family. His understanding prior to our conversation was that the entire organisation consisted solely of people dealing with the really hard challenges on the front line. He had little understanding of the variety of roles that assist a government agency to function.

Only after a conversation that centred on his motives, drivers and career aspirations, and how they matched to the vacancy, could he see that his skills would really be of value to organisational performance as well as 'make a difference'.

As an experienced recruiter the most successful approach is to identify a candidate's aspirations and motivations, and when the fit is right, actively promote a job opportunity. The benefit to the client is that you get a candidate with a great fit; one who not active in the job market and therefore would not have responded to your advertising. If your recruitment pain point is about building diversity in your team then this approach is a great way to close the gap. 

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