Our Values

Our Values

These are the values that we live by. They mean something to us and guide us in our relationships with others:

Being professional, showing integrity, and being honest in our dealings with each other, our clients, and our candidates. 

We believe that building trust is crucial in our role of intermediary between our clients and candidates. Professionalism, integrity and honesty are key components of trust building and we encourage our people to maintain their professionalism, even when events are conspiring against them, show integrity in their dealings with all parties, and to be honest to the fullest extent possible in this industry where not everything is shareable.

Doing the right thing.

This value underpins our belief that we need to act in a manner which rewards the building of long term relationships rather than focusing on short term gain. Sometimes the right thing has no inherent or immediate benefit to The Johnson Group. Sometimes it actually costs us in the short term, but the fact that we have built and maintained long term relationships with very large clients, have candidates return to us time after time, or contractors that really love working for The Johnson Group, shows how well we do this.


Embracing innovation

Our investment in our own CRM configuration started The Johnson Group, and the wider Alpha group, on the path of continuous application development and we have been able to remain close to or ahead of market leaders in online technology including a comprehensive online client portal. Our willingness and ability to design new processes and tools has enabled us to offer flexible and innovative solutions to both clients and candidates and our business has grown as a result.

Having a high level of personal interaction. 

We know that self service technology and Artificial Intelligence are entering our industry at pace and we continue to evolve our own online capability to take advantage of these tools however wherever possible the preference is to meet with clients to pick up a job brief, talk directly to our candidates and clients rather than only communicating through email or text, and respond to a person rather than a company.


Working collaboratively internally and externally. 

We encourage the sharing of information, candidates and even contract resources between our various divisions.  While individuals are rewarded for great performance we know that it is the work of the team that enables all of us to shine.