Colin Mathieson


Job Title: Managing Director

A bit about me:

I came into recruitment after many years in operations and management consulting; and had the good fortune of working with some amazing managers. Due to their tolerance and wisdom in dealing with me, these managers have helped shape my views about how people should be treated.

I’ve found recruitment can be hard work! We are, after all, dealing with people, not products or items. In spite of that, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this vibrant and essential service industry.  

The Johnson Group is a wonderful enhancement of our overall capability to provide high quality recruitment and staffing services to the Public Sector; and I'm proud to say that our people here are some of the best in the industry.  


When he's not working

Colin has spent many years running. In recent years, he has become a late, but keen, cyclist. 

For Colin, the good thing about cycling is that you can go a long way and see a lot. And if you cycle far enough, you can avoid gardening altogether!